Cell-line kit for drug developers

Celonics takes you further

Celonic offers cell lines that are proven to be particularly robust and efficient and are also suited to GMP processes. You can purchase these cell lines and use them in your laboratory for your R&D projects. Choosing this option guarantees you cost savings. You work with the same cell lines in the early R&D development phase that you will later use for GMP production. Celonic’s cell lines save you time and money as well as considerably improving safety.

Drug molecules used in the preclinical stage of development originate from the same cell line as drug molecules that are later used in clinical trials. This makes preclinical and clinical results easier to compare.


What makes Celonic different from other companies?

If you decide to use our cell lines in the laboratory or in production, you will be given all the relevant information for cultivation, handling, screening and selection.

Where most competitors balk, we make a promise: Celonic guarantees that the cell line that has been developed can be used as a basis for your master cell bank and also for GMP production. We deliver a highly efficient cell line that enables product titres of more than 7g/l and can be used for a broad range of applications, ranging from laboratory cultures to production scale.

Why we are your best choice

We know what we are doing. The CHOvolutionplatform has been thoroughly tested; the cell lines have proven themselves time and again. We provide warranties that go far beyond the usual guarantees. Celonic customers receive a certificated service package. You can rely on us. More information about CHOvolution can be found here.