Cell-line kit for service provides/partners

Celonic takes you further

Cell lines developed by Celonic using its SEFEX platform are very powerful. They can even be used when GMP compliance is required. This opens up a whole new area of business for non-GMP service providers who can now also offer cell lines that conform to GMP requirements. As Celonic‘s partner, you can share the many benefits of Celonic cell lines with your clients. An attractive model.

What makes Celonic different from other companies?

If you decide to use our cell line in the laboratory or in production, you will be given all the relevant information you need for cultivation, handling, screening and selection.

Where most competitors balk, we make a promise: Celonic guarantees that the cell line that has been developed can be used as a basis for your clients' master cell bank and also for GMP manufacturing.

Why we are your best choice

As Celonic‘s partner, you receive a technical service package and you will be certified according to valid regulations. This high standard ensures that we can provide a warranty for our cell lines.