Biosimilar cell lines

Celonic takes you further

Our customers know where they stand with our products and services, and in terms of costs. The high productivity and stable quality parameters of our cell lines equal security. You save time and reduce the risks involved in developing and producing biosimilars.

With Celonic you always know in advance what a particular service costs. Celonic has no licensing models and does not require special payments as the project progresses. Costs are always transparent and there are no surprises.


What makes Celonic different from other companies?

The SEFEX platform technology is the basis of Celonic’s high-performance CHOvolutioncell lines. Celonic‘s cell lines mean high product yields and significantly lower production costs. Once you have bought cell lines from Celonic, there are no subsequent payments.

Why we are your best choice

What is more convincing than successful practice? Celonic has out-licensed cell lines for biosimilar production. We are now preparing these cell lines for GMP production in the 1000-l scale.

Our clients in the biosimilars environment have to take certain risks. That is just how the sector works. We believe in our technology and products. With our attractive price models and comprehensive value.