CHOvolution™: advantages and benefits

CHOvolution™ : its unique business model and its superior support

Celonic's CHOvolution™ kit comes with a wide range of exceptional services and solutions, on top of the high performance cells, delivering commercial success. In addition to robust and highly efficient technology, Celonic offers excellent technical support, including comprehensive protocols, audits, tailored workshops and a 24-7 information access internet-based platform with a hotline.

Celonic’s business model features

  • Partnership allows "co-marketing" via Celonic's homepage
  • Attractive new business offer to extend service portfolio and attract new customers and increase revenue, especially for non-GMP-service providers
  • Competitor advantage by expedited Time-to-market
  • Substancial cost saving due to detailed user guide/protocols for the handling, selection, and screening process of drugs and training/workshop offering
  • A compliance guarantee based on a quality management system audit to turn the established RCB into an MCB at Celonic
  • A simplified pragmatics licensing model without royalties on sales
  • Derisking technology implementation and usage due to training/workshops offering excellent support (partnerships).

The support Celonic offers includes

  • Quality management system audits available; based on that, guaranteed upgrade of a generated production cell line to a GMP-compliant master cell bank
  • Risk-mitigation methodologies, shaped on pillars of greater transparency and communication
  • Comprehensive protocols describing Celonic's optimized screening and selection processes to establish production cell lines for monoclonal antibody products
  • Tailored workshops and hands-on training to develop the product
  • Extended support alongside GMP development and GMP manufacturing
  • Help with filling for investigational new drug (IND) applications
  • Technical and scientific support from the CHOvolution™ internet platform; customers can connect with the worldwide CHOvolution™ user community in a dedicated forum moderated by Celonics' cell line specialists
  • A telephone hotline for expedited additional support.