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CEMAX Technology

Celonic has engineered a technology that dramatically changes current strategies for development of API production cell lines. Current strategies are based on statistical integration of the DNA into the host genome. Celonic’s proprietary CEMAX technology leads to a targeted and stable integration of the DNA into the host genome with an assurance of high expression rates. Thus, CEMAX enables you to reduce the required number of cells for testing from thousands to just a few, offering a significant advantage in expenditure of time and costs.

Additionally, a satisfactory productivity is ensured. What counts most, is that CEMAX speeds the cell line development time – as well automatically the time-to-market – by about six months. Combined with Celonic’s proprietary technology for serum-free cultivation (> SEFEX), CEMAX accelerates time-to-clinic by up to nine months.

  • Cell line development within 4 weeks
  • Guarantee of high productivity
  • Serum-free process development ensures regulatory compliance
  • Smooth production of highly glycosylated proteins
  • Easily applicable for large scale

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