Why we are your best choice... Empathy – Efficiency – Excellence


We know a lot about cell systems, biotechnological processes and value creation chains in the production of biosimilars. Despite the numerous scientific and technological performance parameters in the biosimilars business, we are convinced that ”human beings are the key to success”.

We therefore strive to develop a relationship with our clients that is based on trust. Open exchange of information, binding actions and understanding our customers’ needs are important to us. That’s what we bring into the partnership. That’s what we appreciate.


Thanks to the SEFEX platform technology, we are able to develop high yielding cell lines with titres of over 7 g antibody per litre. Celonic is also a specialist in feeding strategies, media and processes and brings this knowledge to your project.

You can take us at our word when we say that we are highly efficient.


Celonic believes in the principles of „Quality by Design“. We bring this approach to life. It is an ideal approach for the development of biosimilars that we adopt unreservedly wherever we can. We identify the critical target parameters (CTP) early on in the process and use the Target Product Profiles (TPP) process tool.

With Celonic, your project is where it should be – in the best hands.