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Cell Expression Platforms

Celonic offers two standardized cell line development platforms which can be adapted according to the specific needs of our customers.

Innovative industry-leading cell expression platforms

CHOvolution® is the optimal platform for the high-titer bioproduction of monoclonal antibodies in a fed-batch process, saving time and costs. In case you are dealing with a defucosylated antibody, complex molecule and/or glycosylated protein, our human GEX® platform is the solution.


  • Powered by Celonic’s proprietary SEFEX® technology platform
  • High productivity (capable of delivering up to 8 g/L for mABs)
  • Rapid cell line development: save up to 4 months
  • Real Freedom from royalties and binding terms

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  • Human cells which can be used to specifically tailor glycosylation
  • Ideal for perfusion cell culture
  • Optimized for complex biopharmaceutical products
  • Stable product quality during entire cell culture process

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