Fill & Finish

We offer comprehensive Fill & Finish services for liquid-formulated drug products – from aseptic filling to QC tests, labeling, packaging, storage, and release.

Our solution-driven GMP-complaint processes come with unparalleled flexibility, fully-adaptable to the unique needs of our clients. Having completed over 300 GMP filling batches, our scientists are highly experienced in keeping product losses and vial rejections to an absolute minimum, which is especially critical for clients with low bulk volumes (1– 10 L).

  • High reliability –  less than 1% vial rejection after a 200% vial inspection
  • Minimum product loss –  less than 150 ml volume loss per batch
  • Proven track record – over 300 GMP filling batches of mAbs, recombinant proteins, and vaccines
  • One-stop service –  aseptic filling to QC tests, labeling, release, storage, and shipping
  • Batch flexibility – filling from 100 to 3000 vials
  • Regulatory compliance – FDA and EMA compliant