Cell expression platforms


An extremely productive and stable CHO-based expression system for biopharmaceuticals.

CHOvolution® is a CHO-K1 based expression platform that can be used for a broad range of applications, from non-GMP R&D testing to GMP development and commercial market supply, with a support system to help throughout every step of development.

Besides offering cell line development services, Celonic is selling and outlicensing the system to other service providers and drug developers.

The CHOvolution® technology is proven for:

  • Antibodies of different isotypes (e.g. IgG1, IgG2, IgG4)
  • Bispecific and single chain antibodies
  • Enzymes, growth factors and hormones

CHOvolution® key features:

  • CHO-K1 host cell line (non genetically modified CHO)
  • For high titer bioproduction of recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies (up to 8 g/L)
  • High genetic stability and physical robustness allows scalable process from 250 mL to 1000 L single use bioreactors
  • Proven track record: therapeutics developed with CHOvolution® technology have been approved for clinical trials in the EU, US and Asia
  • Free of royalties and milestone payments
  • Ideal for R&D development to cGMP commercial production
  • Easy to implement with industry-compliant user protocol (from gene to lead clone).

High productivity with CHOvolution®

For large scale production of monoclonal antibodies & recombinant proteins, with high productivity (capable of delivering up to 8g/L for mAB’s) in fed-batch culture processes.

Optimized yield across different product classes.

Product concentrations for CHOvolution® cell lines making different antibodies.

Excellent scalability in each step

High genetic stability and physical robustness s scalable process from 250mL to 1000L single use bioreactor.

Scalability of Celonic’s antibody production cell line. Dashed lines show viability. 10 L BR = 10 L stainless steel bioreactor. 250 L single-use bioreactor.
1000 L SUB = 1000 L single-use bioreactor.

Reducing time to clinic with CHOvolution®

  • With efficient workflow using FACS sorter for direct selection of high-titer clones
  • Only 16 weeks from transfection to lead clone
  • cGMP material for clinical trials can be delivered within 14 months from DNA sequence
  • No amplification step required

Real freedom

  • Free of royalties and milestone payments
  • Free of Commercial License Fee if GMP manufacturing for clinical trials is performed at CELONIC
  • Free to choose the culture media that best fits to your needs


Your contact

We are available to answer any enquiries about CHOvolution®, cell lines and cell structure, as well as discuss new opportunities with you. We can develop for you as your provider and partner.

More questions? Check out the FAQs

We have a compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to help you learn more about CHOvolution® and how to access the platform to develop your innovative biologics.

If you have any questions that we haven’t been able to answer, get in touch with our experts: chovolution@celonic.com

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