Why we are your best choice... Empathy – Efficiency – Excellence


We always listen, ask the appropriate questions and determine exactly what you need to make sure that your project is successful. We create individual work packages from modular process components, all adapted to your particular project and your company. Our costings, timescales and project plans are always transparent. So is our communication. You will always know where you stand. Because it is your project. Because we value our clients.


With Celonic’s SEFEX technology you will make efficiency gains. We use SEFEX to develop cell lines that produce unusually high protein titres. We achieve antibody concentrations of above 7 g/l by using batch processes. The cell lines are cultivated in a chemically defined proprietary medium and are scalable and extremely stable.

Our precisely coordinated biotechnological processes, cell culture media and feeding strategies result in additional efficiency potential, and double or triple the product titre. 

Celonic’s processes and technologies are extremely efficient, thus keeping the production and development costs for your biopharmaceutical product relatively low. This gives you a significant cost advantage over competitors.


For us, quality is both a given and an incentive to work harder. Our high quality standards not only cover traditional areas such as development and production, but all other business processes. Our quality management system guarantees you high standards from the outset, and well into the future. For us, quality is the motivation to make what is good even better.