Corporate Philosophy

We enable our biotech customers to deliver innovative biotherapeutics to patients. Our industry-leading biologics development platforms and flexible GMP manufacturing services – tailored to project-specific requirements – are implemented by a highly motivated team of professionals with deep-rooted scientific knowledge and industry experience. In everything we do, we go one step beyond expectations to help our customers exceed their goals, more efficiently and reliably.

Everything we do or say about ourselves is driven by our core values empathy, efficiency and excellence. Our empathy helps us to better understand the needs and value drivers of our customers. We offer efficiency through individually-adapted interfaces, from development to market production of biopharmaceutical drug substances and drug products, enabled by our highly robust bio-solutions platforms, flexible tailored processes and Quality by Design approach.

Excellence comes with our deep-rooted commitments to be focused and willing to learn. We check our achievements and improvements in everything we do. Thanks to an extensive network of thought-leaders and scientific experts within Celonic and the JRS Group, we can access the knowledge base and expertise required to develop and deliver bio-solutions, thus exceeding the expectations of our customers.

We firmly believe in continuous improvement. We are driven by the courage to think big. We strive for excellence and have the commitment to GET IT DONE.

  • Collaborative mindset We work together with our customers – from development to commercialization of their breakthrough biologics.
  • Excellence We live by the principles of Total Quality Management offering our clients performance and reliability through flex process and adherence to GMP and ISO compliance requirements. Assisted by our quality management system.
  • Listen with empathy Drawing from our experience, we listen to our clients and our business partners to understand and unlock their business potential.
  • Optimize We use our clients’ resources efficiently. We adapt our processes to ensure the most risk-informed and resource-efficient way to reach the target.
  • Novel Celonic is strongly committed to the development of bio-processing and GMP manufacturing platforms of the future, aware that our customers are working with ever-increasing complex modalities.
  • Integrity Trust is a fundamental requisite of good business. That is why we regard integrity as a critical core value. Celonic is about being open, honest and respectful at all times with our Stakeholders.
  • Communication We are highly transparent and flexible in our project communications, with strong corporate values fueled by highly motivated people.

This philosophy applies to our products, our services and our relationships with our customers, partners and colleagues. This is what we call Biopharma-Business Excellence.