Bio-development services

20+ years perfusion &
fed-batch cell culture
manufacturing experience

We have developed many continuous and fed-batch bioprocesses to manufacture complex proteins.

Our manufacturing philosophy is based on single use technologies. For fed-batch and perfusion processes we have single use bioreactors of up to 1000 L in operation. Our Heidelberg facility routinely performs perfusion processes with up to 2000 L harvest volume per day over 30 days. For cell retention we are able to / can apply different systems like centrifugation and Alternating Tangential Flow.

We consistently deliver high-quality batches of:

  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • Complex biologics including:
    • fusion proteins
    • bispecific antibodies
    • antibody fragments
    • biologics with complex glycan profiles

20 years of optimizing perfusion technique

The promise of perfusion

As a key industry player, Celonic is spearheading the developing and refining of perfusion processes.

What are the advantages of perfusion?

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