Celonic business continuity statement

Dear Celonic customers, 

With the Corona pandemic, all of us are facing exceptional times. My thoughts are with you and your loved ones, and all people who support seeing us through this period of uncertainty, healthcare personnel, police, shop staff, etc. Without their effort, things would go down the drain in no time! 

At Celonic, we recognize the important role our employees and bio-solutions services play in our customers’ pursuit of bringing innovative therapeutics to the patients. I am proud to be part of the Celonic team, where everybody gives their best every day to deliver in these challenging times, be it at the sites or from home office. Celonic is staying ahead of the pandemic together!

As the situation with COVID-19 quickly evolves, please know that we have taken proactive steps to continue serving our global customers, while ensuring safety and well-being of our employees and partners. We have a fully operational corporate crisis management task force, established very early at the onset of the pandemic. We continue to monitor the situation closely and wanted to take a moment to summarize some of the key steps we have taken for our valued customers and the community.

Stay ahead together.

Dr. Konstantin Matentzoglu
Celonic Group

Serving our Customers:

Delivering the ongoing customer projects, to ensure critical development and upcoming clinical timelines are met, is our number 1 priority. The Celonic operations group is regularly reviewing and adapting the operation plans as per the evolving health circumstances of our highly motivated and committed staff, as well as per the local health authorities’ public health guidelines. As far as we oversee the situation currently, we will be able to maintain the core operative and support staff, required for the key development and manufacturing departments at our Basel and Heidelberg facilities – on a rotational basis. We ensure at all times, that the expanded functional workforce is remotely connected and productive over secure VPN access. As we monitor the dynamic work environment and staffing requirement, Celonic has prioritized delivery of ongoing customer project, over non-critical internal initiatives.

Continuous Monitoring and Transparent Communication:

Transparent and on-time communication, with our valued customers, is a core corporate value of Celonic. It has never been more important to keep the information flow active between all stakeholders. We will keep you updated on the evolving operations plans. Online, secure access to project development and status reports has been instrumental in keeping all stakeholders up to date with project progress. In addition to the regular weekly project status update meetings, our dedicated project managers and key account managers are in contact with our customers’ project steering committee on evolving situation. We will closely apprise you on operational staff availability and potential impact, if any, and discuss best course of way forward. Please appreciate, that we will limit face-to-face meetings to an absolute minimum.

Pledging Resources to Global Fight against COVID-19:

The accelerating pace of the pandemic needs urgent concerted global efforts. As we focus on meeting key program objectives of our customers, we also recognize the huge challenge with availability of development and manufacturing resources for supply of novel therapeutics for the clinical studies. Celonic stands behind our commitment in fight against COVID-19 and thus I have decided to prioritize our biologics business operations by re-assigning our Eulerstrasse, Basel based GMP facility to support urgent GMP grade clinical material supply requirement of biotech and pharma players developing breakthrough therapeutic against COVID-19.  We would do our best to accommodate pressing GMP manufacturing requests.

Safety and Wellbeing of our Employees:

Celonic’s crisis management task forces have shaped effective guidelines to keep our employees as safe as possible, including advising those who can work from home to do so. We have established rotational and flexible working schedule policies for our employees in roles that do not have an option to work from home. Public health department safety guidelines are shared, and an operational adherence support framework is provided. This includes remote connectivity, active re-prioritization of work tasks and concerted scenario planning in an effort to stay ahead of the evolving situation.

I want to thank you for your support and understanding during this unexpected and rapidly evolving situation as we make every effort to support you as our valued customers and our employees in these times of unprecedented global crisis.

Stay ahead together.